About Taylor's Towing & Auto Wrecking

Our Story

Driving an automobile means dealing with the constant possibility that any number of calamities could occur. In the Cottage Grove area, though, there’s a good chance that when trouble finds you, you’ll recognize the name on the truck that arrives to help out.

It’s been that way for over four decades, since July of 1969, when husband-and-wife team Ron and Carolyon Taylor moved the towing business started by Ron Taylor after he finished high school from Seal Beach, California to Cottage Grove. 

Over the years, Taylor’s Towing and Auto Wrecking has grown from a mom-and-pop operation that started with two tow trucks and both Taylors working around the clock to include a wrecking yard, a used auto parts store, and a fleet of red trucks with their children and employees.

Since 1961

​Toll Free: 1-800-533-4356 or Local: 541-942-4522